Sunday, February 8, 2015

Transfiguration Sunday

Advance Notes for Transfiguration Sunday
February 15, 2015

Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain
Jaroslav J. Vajda, 1991
Jesus, take us to the mountain,
where with Peter, James, and John,
we are dazzled by your glory,
light as blinding as the sun.
There prepare us for the night
by the vision of that sight.
What do you want us to see there,
that your close companions saw?
Your divinity revealed there
fills us with the self-same awe.
Clothed in flesh like ours you go,
matched to meet our deadliest foe.
What do you want us to hear there,
that your dear disciples heard?
Once again the voice from heaven
says of the Incarnate Word,
“Listen, listen, everyone:
this is my beloved Son.”
Take us to that other mountain
where we see you glorified,
where you shouted, “It is finished!”
where for all the world you died.
Hear the stunned centurion:
“Truly this was God’s own Son!”
We who have beheld your glory,
risen and ascended Lord,
cannot help but tell the story,
all that we have seen and heard;
say with Peter, James, and John:
“You are God’s beloved Son!”

Questions for personal reflection
·         Stanza 1.  What images come to mind when you think of someone’s face being “lit up,” aglow, shining, or bright? Can you remember or describe or reflect upon the times in your life when you felt “aglow” or “more fully alive”?
·         Stanza 2.  What strikes you personally as something most awesome or amazing: Jesus revealed as divine? Or, Jesus “clothed in flesh like ours”? Why? 
·         Stanza 3.  In what concrete ways do you listen for Jesus’ voice in your life? Are there new ways of listening for Jesus that you’d like to try?  
·         Stanza 4.  Read Mark 15:33-39 and imagine yourself as the centurion. What are you thinking? What are you FEELING? What will your “tomorrow” look like, do you suppose? Will you, centurion, find yourself in the final stanza of “Jesus, Take Us to the Mountain”?

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